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The vision

An open laboratory for the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

UN17 Village is the first construction in the world to address and incorporate all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in one comprehensive solution. An approach that seeks new standards and collaborations with the ambition to promote sustainability in both construction, the operation of a real estate project, and the life lived within and between the buildings.

The five buildings

A landmark for social, ecological, and economic sustainability

How does one create a modern village that addresses both social and environmental challenges? UN17 Village in Ørestad offers an ambitious yet realistic answer to this question. We have translated the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals into 200 sustainability initiatives, which we have implemented in the five buildings at the southern tip of Ørestad.

Come inside

With a focus on biodiversity, health, and community

Currently, around 200 residents live in UN17 Village, but that number will soon increase as the final two buildings are completed. We have spoken to some of the residents about their experiences of moving into a brand-new residential area built on strong values of community, inclusion, and resource awareness.

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Is it possible to take a holistic approach to sustainability in the built environment and improve parameters within the same project? In this video, Claus Mathisen, CEO of NREP, explains the background of UN17 Village and the ambition for the development and method.